Monday, January 11, 2010

More so Monday

My time got away from me for a while. Lots to worry about and I tend to be a worry wort....
Time to take a breath, relax and try remember that I can't control matter how much I want to.

It has rained and rained........and then rained some more. We have running rivers of water everywhere and the weatherman says it will last until next Wednesday. Oh boy.......I was so hoping it could rain for a while....okay, that was a lie. I do feel a little criminal complaining about the rain. Water is so precious and so vital to where we live.......without it, no green trees, no lush fern valleys or meadows of grass. We really live in a beautiful place. Flying back into SeaTac after a vacation to the tropics and I am always stunned by the beauty of the Puget Sound, the Islands and the green carpet of trees.

This weekend, we tore down the pony shed and then made it BIGGER. After all, the pony is not in it.......TarBaby is and it is not big enough for him. We had two new volunteers who helped us.......we will finish up this coming weekend. We groomed horses, bathed Jake's legs again, moved some fencing around and got the barn cleaned up. Saturdays are always fun......lots of laughs between us and always something comical about the horses. TarBaby demonstrated the "I stick my leg out and under the fence..........then you try to bite me, and while you try to bite me, I will bite you on the head" with Beaver routine.

Jake is enjoying Winston's stall. He is able to lay down in it and take a solid nap. He does have trouble getting up with his bad hip....but it is easier in the stall than outside. He shares a fenceline with Church and TarBaby. Church is being very nice to biting......big surprise.

Winston is living the good life in the training barn. I hope to go and see him on Friday. I bet he is not missing us one little bit.

I got up this morning, early and could hear the rain on the roof. I put my hat on and went to the barn.........glad to have a hat to prevent a sopping wet head of hair. I turned the radio on and listened to Elton John sing "Sacrifice"..........transported back to the times of my youth and what were you doing the last time you heard that song?

off to dinner.......and then bed. I am so boring and predictable lately.............ahhh......yes....predictable.

Thanks for all the good wishes for my mom and especially to the volunteers who have brought her meals........thank you for your large hearts.......

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