Saturday, January 30, 2010

Simply Saturday

I have missed a few days of gets complicated sometimes.

Friday I got up early, met the backhoe man and he started on the burial hole in the back wooded part of the property. Mary and I cleaned paddocks and stalls while he worked. I felt anxious and upset and could not really keep my mind occupied. .......and then.....the vet had a change in schedule and could not come that day. Relief.........we feel relief and go on like nothing is really going to happen.......because it is the only way we can get through the day.
I then have to pick my dog up in Tacoma and Mary is kind enough to wait with the backhoe man while he finishes. Mary locks the gates and turns the electric fences back on.
I come back in the afternoon to check in and I see that Beaver has broken out of his paddock and he is back by the "hole".....studying it, standing by it..........the electric fence was on and I have no idea how he blew through it,,but he did.....and I put him back, put up another strand and chastise him.
We are supposed to help another family euthanize their old horse when we euthanize Jake, but on Friday night they call and say they have changed their mind and worked out a plan for something else. We are glad for the old guy and glad to not have to put two horses down in one day...sometimes things work out for the best.
Saturday comes and it is we still plan to get some work done. Ryan, Kim and I clean stalls and paddocks. Matt comes by and then we replace some wood fencing with non climb......move a couple of posts.......I start a fire going with the old wood, some of which is rotted.........we work until noon and then call it a day. The new fences looks fantastic and next week we will continue as funds allow.

Ryan stays and grooms Jake and TarBaby.

I go to the feed store and buy some "broken bags" of bedding, feed, rice bran......almost all feed stores have them and they are if I find something we can use, I buy it....every dollar counts.......and as long as it is dry and clean, who cares if the bag has a hole in it? I buy another roll of fencing, some sunflower seeds and some pasture grass seed too. Then I go home and it is quiet at the barn......all the volunteers are gone. I put some emergency latches on the stall doors because Church has broken his regular latch and sometimes is able to get the latches open. Fixed........I put a lock on the tool room too and a better latch on the barn door from the inside.
The work is simply never done......something breaks, something needs "moving'........something needs an addition...but at least it feels like we have a handle on it......and things are progressing......a simple fix like the fencing looks so much better.

I close the barn up.......give everyone carrots and a pat on the cheek.......turn the lights off, check the electric fence and ..........time to go home.

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