Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday morning

My sleep in morning...Sunday. The house is quiet, coffee is brewing, the dogs have been out. I will take a few minutes to blog and then off to the races.
Yesterday we got all paddocks cleaned, stalls cleaned and hay picked up.
We met a new friend......nice to meet you Erin! Erin gave us some pointers on paddock maintenance, rain run off and the conservation district. Thank you for that!
Kim and I went down to see Sully and he is doing great with Lauren and Sandy. He rides in the big arena like a little trooper, behaves himself and well, he is still a little lazy but better lazy than too hyper. Thank you Lauren, Sandy and Mindy .......what a help you are! We hope Sully will find a home soon....Sandy.
On the way back home we stopped at Home Depot and got a gate opener/closer, as well as the fittings for the water heater and a new hose. Tonight we should have hot water and a security gate.
My own horse, Winston goes to training this week with my friend Beth. I am sure Winston has no idea. I was trying to explain his stall behavior around feeding time and I think I made him out to be a monster. Well,the behavior is not nice....that is for sure....but maybe he is not a monster. He is always hungry and adamant that you feed RIGHT NOW. He needs better coaching and some work. Yep, here comes the work Winston....Beth is calling your name!

Darlene and I gave Jake a bath on his backside and down his legs. He had some diarrhea and so we scrubbed him clean. We also combed his mane and gently massaged his hair loose around his hips and belly....he is looking better....we all agreed on that. He ate good yesterday and wanted his grain plus more. He is afraid of Winston and I can't blame him for that.......Winston is right next to him and so Jake has a first class view of the tantrums prior to meal time. He probably has never seen anything like that in his life.

The filly is losing her baby teeth. She looks like a first big gap in the front and then she has one buck tooth that is going to come out. We found the lost tooth in the water tank. We discussed putting it under her hay pile for the Equine Tooth fairy.......but in the end we kept it as a keep sake....I hope I can find the other one when it comes out. She is getting very tall and lovely......this spring she will make a nice project for someone......but the girl has a temper... The fence was off yesterday and so she was leaning on it, twanging it with her mouth and generally thinking about walking through we found the problem and then turned it back on........voila.........shock..........she was MAD. She got shocked, turned and kicked, shook her head, turned and kicked some more.........ran off, came back and kicked at Beaver and the fence. I guess the kick at Beaver was in case he had anything to do with the nasty shock.

Well, chores are calling my I am off to the barn.

Pony Up fortune for today..........

Your quiet will be shattered by a loud interruption.

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