Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update on Sunday morning

Jake is not doing well this morning. He has been laying down intermittently and is unwilling to get up. He does not seem colicky, perhaps just tired....but still concerning. I spent the morning with him, he layed very still and closed his eyes and I thought he would go quietly. I rubbed his ears and asked him if he was going to leave us so soon and told him it was okay. He opened his eyes and groaned, then shut them again. I knelt with him a while and then went back to the barn to call the vet for the seemingly inevitable. Tears and anger.
I came back with the phone and Jake got up. He came back into the barn and nosed his hay and then started picking through it. I put the phone back and hung out a while longer while he commenced eating.
He could be tired........his guts could hurt.......he could have liver damage or a host of other complaints.
I came home to shower and then will go back.
I will make a very hard decision for us if he is laying flat out in the mud again.

Some days you have to look hard for the good and to find a reason why it is all worth it.

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