Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Saturday

Yesterday I slept in and then went to the barn. Of course I got the stink eye from the crew. They were getting used to having room service from Kim at 5thirty am for a couple of days.
So I roll in just after eight and I have committed a crime.

I get them all fed and begin cleaning. My volunteers have cleaned for the last two days and everything goes fast. I fill a few water troughs, check the filly for missing teeth and yep, she has lost another one. I really must take a picture today. I didn't find this one in the water tank or the feed bucket.....darn.

Around 11 I groom Winston and then load him for the trip to the trainers. He is wide eyed and says that he CANNOT load in the front of the trailer. Alright then. I don't want a fight today.
How about the back of the trailer?...slightly more room...........?
Yes, he loads right up and I shut the door on him and off we go in pouring rain for an hour's trip.
We stop for gas and I have a couple of people come over to see him. He is awfully quiet and I hate to disturb him....but I do and I see that he is sweaty and nervous, but standing pawing. Good boy.
Off we go again and boy, with him riding in the back, the trailer sure sways. Maybe I need sway bars?
We get to the trainer and he must wait a while to unload. He is quiet. I can't hear him. ...umm....I better check him again. I do and he is fine. Still sweaty.
Finally we unload him and I suspect he thinks he is in a dream........the the ghetto to a palace....with lots of friends....a huge stall, a window........yeah, a palace. I walk him around a little and he is a good boy.
I tell Beth about his food issues and how he is nervous with initial work and ...blah, blah, blah.......I shut up. I sound like a nervous mother. He will be fine.
I leave his bridle, give him a pat and off I go.

I stop on the way back and grocery shop for my mom, get her a hand held shower. There is not much room in Fred Meyer's today for a truck and trailer....but I find a spot for us.
I leave the lab to guard and go to shop.

I come back and find the lab laying on my Mattes dressage pad.
Hmm.....funny, because it wasn't in the front seat when I left.
I take the said pad and put it back in the rear seat....she gives me a "look".

I go back and cook lunch for my mom, sit with her a while then back to the barn to feed for the evening....put chickens to bed, check barn cats in and oh.....I decide to put Jake into Winstons stall where he has more room, and then I put TarBaby where Jake was.........

everyone seems happy.

more later.

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