Monday, February 1, 2010

Morose Monday

I cannot write much about my day that seems more important than loving Jake.
We let Jake go today.......
We fed him a big breakfast, groomed him, gave him kisses and fed him apples. He was euthanized shortly before noon. A gentleman to the end, Jake was obedient and quiet.....I whispered in his ears how much we loved him and told him not to be scared......and then we layed him down.
I took his death hard. I cried and held his head for a long time....I feel a little empty and emotionally wiped out.
I guess you just feel what you feel and I felt heartbroken to have brought this guy back from the brink, just to let him go.
The only bright spot was knowing that for a small space in time Jake was loved and pampered by the whole Pony Up crew and our supporters. People emailed and asked about him.....he got lots of attention, food, kisses and in the end, he got dignity. He will not suffer again.

Jake is buried in the wooded part of our property. I could not bear for him to be taken away or roughly handled. He is buried in his halter. It is a quiet patch of ground at the far side of the arena.

It is funny, the things you get used to, the noises.......the whinnies, the neighs......cribbing noises......and you come back to the barn and one thing is missing and it might as well be ten.
The barn was not the same without Jake's low throaty whinny. We will surely miss him.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow.

Do not wear your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your forehead.


Drillrider said... words....HUGS!!!!

Christine said...

Blessd you for your BIG heart. Jake found love at the end, and you all were able to give all you got and he knew it!
My thoughts and prayers and tears are with you today!

Denali said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you! He knew love at the end of his life, and without you he might have never known that!