Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Typical Tuesday

Not much new at the zoo today.........kind of a cold morning and I drug my feet leaving the house which made for a late start.
I got to the barn and found that Yukon had stolen a whole bale of hay from the stack. We got hay yesterday and got a little more than usual.......so he helped himself. He was not hungry for hay, obviously........but pawed and caused a ruckus for his grain. I scolded him and he didn't care. He is a good boy and so kind.
Tarbaby is unhappy in the middle stall.......Churchie picks on him and Yukon tries to bite him over the fence. We will move him this weekend. I think he misses Jake.........they got along like peas in a pod....he needs an older horse to romp and nap with.
I spilled water in the aisle way and had to lay stall pellets down to soak it up........ugh. That is what I get when I hurry. I need a vacuum...........heck.......I need a maid.
The barn kitties are FINALLY going outside to look around, but come right in when I call them for their evening canned food. I have had to hide their dry food bowl to keep it away from Mr. Peacock and his chicken friends. I lock them in at night and they sleep curled up in their cat bed in a little wooden cat house.
I drove off to work and listened to Toby Keith sing "Whiskey Girl".......I love him. Ummm.....if he ever comes to my house and asks me to run off.......umm......well........we might have a problem on our hands.

Yukon is 90 percent adopted......we just have to have a site visit......congratulations! We expect to have this done on Saturday. A loving person with a big heart for an older horse........thank you....you know who you are.

It is supposed to rain and rain hard this week and it is supposed to last for several days.........I dread it......I was just feeling spring. I want to work outside and feel the sun on my arms and face. My patience is thin.....very thin.

I have had enough sadness for a whole year this past month........I am looking forward to some happier times, good weather, good friends........and some fun.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

The indifference you show will be shown to you when you expect it the least.

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Denali said...

I leased Yukon prior to the whole debacle that ended him in your care (I will be forever grateful for your organization.) To his new owner, he's an amazing, amazing horse. He has the best personality. Not to put my whole story out here, but I bought my mare at the auction before I found out that his barn was closing and he'd have no where to go. I then moved to Denmark under the assumption he was going to a "forever" home. I'll never forgive myself. I love my mare, she's the best, but Yukon will always have a piece of my heart and I often find myself comparing her to him, and wishing she was more like him. He taught me to ride again after a 10 year break. A million thank you's.