Sunday, February 7, 2010


My grandma died yesterday.
She was 99 and would have seen 100 in just a about a month.
4'11 and about 89 lbs.....still had all her own teeth and only one tiny filling. She lived by herself until two years ago when she broke her wrist and then went to assisted living.
Grandma caught the flu two weeks ago and it quickly turned into pnuemonia. She died peacefully in her sleep yesterday afternoon.
Sweet dreams Grandma...

Yesterday morning we continued working on installing the non climb fencing in the paddocks......we loaded manure for folks starting gardens and then we had a short Pony Up general meeting followed by a permanent board of directors meeting.

We welcome a new member to Pony Up.......Deborah.........! nice to meet you and we welcome your ideas.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday and I feel like we have made it to spring. I took all the horses' blankets off an they all got a good stretch and a roll in the dirt/mud. Kim took pictures.......but ummm.........they were not pretty or photogenic with the mud! well.........they were cute. Tarbaby was so clean and then SO dirty.......but he had fun. Imagine being able to run and roll in dirt after being in prison for so long.

We brought Yukon home yesterday too and he is fit as a fiddle.........thank you Doreen and Cherri for the excellent care of him. He has lived like a king. Keep your fingers crossed for his adoption.

I attended the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club auction last night........great food, great auction items.........desserts, friends and kind supporters of Pony Up.

The foal.........named Soliel by the staff at the equine hospital is holding his own. He is infested with lice and worms. He still has trouble standing and is of course still on IV fluids. We keep our hopes up for him....and hope you will "jingle" for him. I mentioned donations for him the other day and if you would like to donate for this little can donate right to the hospital or to us. If you donate to us, it is tax deductible........if you donate to the hospital it isn't. If you email me, I will send the hospital name and phone number.
We don't know how Soliel will fare.....he deserves something good after something this bad.

Well, off to the barn.

Enjoy your day.

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