Friday, February 5, 2010

Feelin' it Friday

The foal I wrote about the other night is finally in an emergency equine facility......on IV fluids and currently unable to get up. He is being nursed round the clock by a caring crew of equine specialists. The folks could not make up their minds about relinquishing him....but finally decided to give him up today when he could no longer stand.

Although he is 9 months old, he is the size of a three month old foal. He had to be carried on a tarp from where he lay to the transport trailer and then again into the equine hospital. He was very weak but hungry.
This is what happens when:
1. a horse/foal is given away and no one checks references or does a site visit

2. the horse/foal is fed the "lawn" in he is given nothing to eat but the front lawn

3. uneducated people take on an animal that they know nothing about and have no desire to learn

We are not sure if the foal will make it. He is in bad shape that is for sure.......critical condition. Such a shame and so heartbreaking.

On the flip side, I want to give full credit to the equine hospital that took him in, who are caring for him non of charge.........because they love and care for equines. ...however...I did not get permission from them yet.......and so I cannot mention their name....but I will tomorrow and then I want everyone to know.....they took mercy on him. We have offered to take him him if he can get on his feet.........we have a transitional home for him while we prepare a foal suite.

......please keep him in your prayers. If you would like to make a donation for his care, please see our website or email us. We would like to give the veterinary hospital who is caring for him...a little something.
EDITED TO NOTE: you may use the regular PAYPAL button and please mark your donation for "the foal".
It was a gorgeous day today, I cleaned paddocks this morning, then ran errands, then went to see Winston........then to the feed store..
Pony UP meeting tomorrow........see you there?
Pony UP fortune for tomorrow.......
Good things come in small packages.
Hang on Little Man....hang have a group of volunteers who want to help you!


jrosey said...

Do we just use the regular "donate" paypal button on your website? Feel free to e-mail me with

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

please use the regular paypal button and mark your donation for "the foal".

I am not sure what his name is or will be....we are calling him "little man" right now.