Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

I always start the Sunday blog, thinking Sunday Silence. Remember that name? Race horse of course. Quite a looker and such a personality. Won almost 5 million in his lifetime races. He was constantly running against a horse named Easy Goer. I remember watching races and thinking what a cool name he had..........I thought I would name a horse after him someday. (I never have...but there is still time!) After an injury he was sent to Japan (and not this is not one of those stories!).......He was a leading sire in Japan. Sadly laminitis ended his life at 16 years old.
I love race horses. Such heart, such athleticism, such power. I hate the end result for losers in the racing industry. A few are well placed and MANY just disappear.......they are whisked away never to be seen again. Slaughtered through no fault of their own except they were not money makers or not as fast as their cousins
We remember the big names but how many of us remember the bays, the grays, the chestnuts who ran to entertain us on a particular day at a nearby racetrack?
My boy Ollie ran four times and won all four times, but chipped his knee in his last race. He had a kind owner/trainer who took him home, got his knee fixed and then sold him to me. He was just coming five, a Seattle Slew grandson and a strapping 17H beauty. He was gelded and a total clown in a horse suit. ..opinionated and mostly well mannered. He is 18 years old this year and still the apple of my eye. Tom or Jane, if you ever read this........he DID get a good home and I will never part with him. Olympic Synastry. He is the spitting image of Synastry. I always say there he is the most beautiful horse I have ever had......and he is.
anyway, I am to the farm and the prisoners.
enjoy your day!

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