Wednesday, February 3, 2010

well it's Wednesday

Up early and to the is lightly misting and the sky is streaked with cotton candy that you pull from a cone.......I have hopes that it will be nice out today.
Vinnie is pacing the fence.....hungry for his grain and I can hear Max calling to me from the back paddock. A more normal morning by far.
I feed the cats, throw seeds to the chickens......then I throw hay. Vinnie is not satisfied with hay......he wants G R A I N......and he wants it now. He is a little pushy at the gate and I make him back up and give me some space. He does and I reward him. Vinnie needs to go to work and we need to assess his soundness. I have not seen anything wrong with him beyond some scarring on his right hind.....but sometimes things surprise you.
I feed everyone else issues....
I sweep up the floor and then it is off to work........I leave the door open for the barn cats, who have decided after all this time that they can now go out. I hope they catch some mice today...we seem to have a lot of mice.
I receive a call today and someone is asking for help with a foal..........a foal who is starving.
A foal who was given to some folks who never owned a horse before.....and did not know how to feed him.......they fed him "lawn" grass........and that was it. The foal has crashed....starved almost to death. I am not sure what we can do........we can perhaps offer him a gentle euthanasia......we have offered to help in anyway we can. I will keep you informed. It is heartbreaking to hear.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow::

Take inventory of your life and go forward with a solid count.

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