Thursday, December 16, 2010

BRRRRRRRRRRR it's Thursday

The good news is that it is NOT raining....but it is cold and the fog rolled into our lives and the valley this evening. The temperature has dropped considerably and we will have frost by morning. I turned the chickens warming light on and when I left Bonnie she was curled up with the barn cat...or should I say the barn cat was curled around her. I briefly thought about why the barn cat has never decided to eat Bonnie......? Too big, too warm.....the only friend she has? I don't know.

A day off tomorrow.....a day off to get better from whatever I have....which is still hanging on. Nothing that sleep and Nyquil can't cure. Isn't that Nyquil awful?

I have Christmas shopping to do tomorrow. I am behind list either. That is what I call "dangerous Christmas shopping."

The shoer comes Saturday..Winston, Louie, Beaver and Church......foot trims, shoes removed.
Saturday we will also work on perfecting the lighting at the barn.....I need one more light fixture and then another switch......a photocell.......almost perfect...almost.
Thank you Carmen and Brenda for making my day, oh so much shorter today....

We will have a little Pony Up get together this Saturday night.....volunteers and friends of Pony UP. Bring a casserole, an hor d'oeuvre or some fattening dessert......and a recycle gift......something under 25 dollars. We play the "gift" know the one......numbered gifts....snd so on. RSVP.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Face your fear, speak out loud.

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