Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time out Thursday

Ok,...I have been sick.......I am really hoping today is a turn around day. I have not been to work all week, saw the dr yesterday......have about 15 prescriptions.....ugh, enough already, enough. I slept most of the day yesterday....such a waste of a day.

The weather has turned cold again, some folks have snow, but not us....I have to say I am glad. Snow = drama. I turned all the heat lamps on last night, the heat tape and undid hoses so that we don't have anything frozen this morning.

Ryan got the manure pile moved this week and spread the left over gravel pile on the driveway, then put a new light fixture up in the tack room. We moved the benches inside from the weather, put a new blanket hanger up, moved the small refrigerator and put a towel rack up in the barn. Thanks for the help Ryan....what would we do without you?

Grace is having some problems in her new home. We are unsure if it is pain related or just what. The vet will check her out this week and we may bring her home and send one of the geldings out in her least for a while.

Jones should be going to the Jones Farm when I get a chance....maybe Friday if I no longer feel like a truck ran me over...maybe today if I get out of the shower and say I feel great. Jones will get a two week "legging" up so he can get on a work schedule and get adopted. He is such a nice horse for someone, we are surprised he is still with us.

Off to the barn to feed.
Enjoy your day.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

There is no such thing as a FREE horse.

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