Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rainy day Tuesday evening

Steady cold rain. I returned to the barn from work to find one of my chickens lying in the driveway, unable to move, very cold and wet....so I scooped her up, rubbed her feathers with a towel, wrapped her up and put her under a small heat lamp while I cleaned. I am not sure she will make it. I am no chicken expert that is for sure. Right now she is on my kitchen counter in a box, covered by a towel, resting a little more comfortably. Tomorrow, if she is better, she can share a room with Bonnie. I am not sure what is happening to these chickens. Bonnie's legs are paralyzed and I know that is no life for a chicken, but none of us can kill her. She eats and drinks and talks to us. We carry her around, put her in dry dirt for dustbaths and keep her in the cat room at night....we talked about it the other day and NO ONE wants to euthanize Bonnie...so there you go.

I am sick of this rain already.......wet paddocks, hard to clean.....wet horses, leaks here and there. Maybe just a day or two of sun? Maybe I need a vacation to Palm Springs or Maui? Sure....

We will have a bake sale this weekend....lots of goodies and some Christmas wreaths too, as well as some beaded horseshoes made by my volunteers.

I am saddened to see all the horses left at the auction house. Nices ones, old ones.....inbetween ones......none of them deserve to die. Hard to chose who lives and who dies. Your heart aches for the old ones, the ones who are broke to death kids horses.......and your heart will break over a blind horse being left in an unfamiliar place......how will it find food? how will it protect itself from dominant horses? how will it avoid the dangers of the crummy pens at the auction house? I hope the owner who left it can sleep well at night....it takes a special heartless individual to leave a blind horse to fend for itself. May you be so vulnerable some day....

Every week we get more and more chores done, things that make it easier to care for our horses and easier for the volunteers who come to spend their time with us. Thank you to Ryan for closing in the top of the old loafing shed.....it will make it less drafty for the upcoming winter weather we are sure to experience.

Last night I went to feed in our "borrowed" barn ...went upstairs and got the crap scared out of me. We have fake owls up there to scare the pigeons off.......and so I was expecting a fake owl...but what I ran into was a real owl........and it was loud and it took off........I almost wet my pants...I am not kidding. Those things are loud! He must be interested in the two dummy owls? Perhaps they are real lookers as far as owls go? I don't know.

We need a wheelbarrow. I must remember that. We need two of about everything lately because of the new barn. I am always running things back and forth........we could use another laundry sink too, while I am at it.....mental list.

Off to bed, I am tired and must get up a little early tomorrow.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Beauty is only skin deep...

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Doreen said...

Ok.....your blog really made me chuckle this evening......LOVED the owl story!! Sorry to hear about your chickens.....wonder if opossum poop has anything to do with it??? Just a thought! Keep up the GREAT work that you do and one of these days....I really hope to come and visit Pony Up Rescue!!!!! Thanks again!!!!