Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Sunday...

Oh, did we have some rain......and then some! Pony Up barn #2 was flooded..we had to take gravel and build a small dike, push water out of the barn........and all while I am sick with the flu.....cough, sore throat...not a good day.
The good news is that barn #1 was leaks, no troubles.
We will be glad, as everyone else, when winter is OVER! Thank you Ryan for all the help, as usual!

Jones will be going to the Jones Farm for some legging up.....and then he is ready for adoption. Somebody will be lucky to get this nice boy! Beautiful and well mannered to boot!

We went to "rescue" a pony today ..but when we just about got to our destination, ...the person called and said he was gone. Just like that. Such a bad day for a drive....but we are glad the pony is safe. There are so many in trouble.

Saturday we had our bake sale at Del's and it was fun! We made a little money and met some new friends. Thanks to all of our bakers.....Nina, Rebecca, Caryn and Caryn's grandma.......such nice cookies and baked goods! THANK YOU for your time and efforts for our residents.

Not too much longer before you have all your shopping done? I do not. I must get busy...or get online.

Susie.,we hope you are feeling better and we miss you! Come back soon!

Bonnie's companion died on Saturday. She seemed like she was doing better but we found her dead in the nest in the morning. RIP little blonde chicken!
Bonnie is still doing well and we are building her a sling to help hold her up. Wierd, I know. ...but what is the alternative?

Tarbaby is still on bute once a day and he is feeling better, but of course not cured...he cannot be cured...but we are focused on keeping him comfortable. Rain is not helping anything..

If you are considering adoption, see us! We have several nice horses, old horses......teen horses! Questions? ask.

We have included a photo of Blue today who wants a new home for Christmas!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Fortune smiles on those who help themselves.

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