Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Truely Tuesday

December 21......my wedding anniversary.....a lovely dinner prepared by my husband and stalls cleaned/horses fed by my wonderful volunteers! thank you.

Tarbaby was colicky yesterday.....sort of....it wasn't your classic colic.....but he didn't want to eat, he was agitated, pawed in the stall....and had small poop piles...Ryan and Sarah kept an eye on him through the afternoon and by evening he appeared to be fine. Poor old guy....we love him so.

Thank you to Sarah for the gift certificate and the white board.......we will have a written feed schedule posted shortly! (I promise!)

We miss Susy.....get well soon and come back!

IT will shortly be Christmas. I ended up finishing my shopping on Amazon.com. Lame I know...but I really was short on time. I do not get an A for effort but I do get an A for completion.

Carmen put Bonnie to bed tonight and the rest of her flock and the barn cat! Great job Carmen....Bonnie is easy to love, isn't she? Even though she is just a chicken..she talks and makes a fuss over her food, likes to get into her sling and likes to sleep with the cat. Pictures soon...I promise. What? you say you have never seen a chicken in men's underwear? Well now you will.

I went to the barn down the road tonight and was greeted by a friendly bat....he was touring the whole barn, flitting and swooping on insects, around my head and then gone. I like bats. Of course I do. If you ever saw one up close, they are so delicate, fragile and beautiful. I really would have one for a pet if I could......

Not much new with the horses.....Beaver had a child visitor and he was not impressed.....he showed BAD manners in grabbing carrots and he would have given a big PUSH to the small child if he could have managed it. Sigh......there goes his career. Not for the faint of heart is this pony....but if you have a sense of humor.....well, you might like him.

I hope your holidays are restful, happy and blessed.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

If you know what you know......then you know it.

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