Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Whoops it's Wednesday

We had some sun today, which felt good on my skin......and good on my brain. On the other hand my camera died and I am home sick with a stomach virus. I slept a good portion of the afternoon and feel a little better now. Too much stress, too much bad weather I think.

We sent a blanket to an old horse. The owner is trying to make him more comfortable and trying to do the right things for him. We cannot take him right now, so all we can do is help. We will gather some senior food coupons and get them to the owner as well. It is a bad time to try to rehome an old horse...frankly it is just not safe almost any way you look at it. I shudder to think about the cases we don't know about...but I can tell you this...there are horses suffering tonight.

The pony went to his new home today.... a really nice home, with another pony...a lovely pasture and nice people! They came and got him while I was lounging around the house sick. Thank you!

If you have any old blankets, I am collecting some for potential horses that we might help this winter. My want list for helping community horses will read:

waterproof blankets in various sizes
corn oil
senior grain coupons
beet pulp
alfalfa pellets
veterinary certificates for dental floats...(I know...this is asking alot...but dental care for the old guys is so necessary for keeping weight on)

We are currently feeding a pony in our neighborhood who is older. His owners do not feed him and he must subsist on pasture alone which you and I know won't support a horse in Western Washington in the winter. We are allowed to feed him once a day....once a day.....gosh, well it is better than nothing...but since when is there a limit on how much you are feeding when someone else is ponying up the hay??? We wish they would simply give the old pony up....still working on it.

The week is half over......and into December we are.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Blessed are the merciful.

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