Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down to a dull roar

Chelsea got the gelding home and cleaned up (bathed and trimmed).....he had a very bad odor which we originally thought was his skin infection......upon further inspection the poor old guy has a severe laceration on his penis. (ouch!) The old farm was strewn with metal objects, old wire, old fence posts......you name it. We think because he was so itchy he was rubbing his belly and came in contact with some barbed wire or a sharp metal object. The vet does not want to stitch it as sutures tend to irritate the sheath, so Chelsea has cleaned it really good and medicated him. Keep your fingers crossed that it heals.....he is a nice old gelding. Bless Chelsea for taking him in and making him comfortable.

The stallion has settled in and quit stalking my geldings, although he still calls to them every once in a while. He ate all his hay and grain......no tummy upset from his de-worming and he was quite polite this morning.

We have found a experienced vet who will geld him for 372.50 dollars and we are happy with the price. We have approx 150 dollars towards his gelding procedure and hope to raise the rest this week, so we can go forward with our plan for him.

Beaver was locked in all night and as of this time, he has not escaped again, but there is no telling what a hungry tummy might bring. He gets only timothy hay and when he sees grain being distributed.......well, his evil twin takes over.

Hamilton had to move down a paddock and he was no drama queen, he settled in nicely and did not make a fuss. He is just happy to eat.

Drea Bowen has volunteered her services to us and will come this weekend to work on Hamilton and Rio. Thank you Drea!

We also have Krista Davis who has offered us 5 portrait sittings to raffle off, in order to raise funds for the stallion's gelding procedure. She is a fine photographer and this is a great opportunity to us! Thank you Krista. Please let us know if you are interested?

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