Friday, May 22, 2009

The Stallion remains

We have a place for the old Arabian gelding and as of tonight, a place for the mare to go. We still need a place for the stallion. Ideally we would like for him to be gelded prior to placement. I visited the horses tonight and the stallion whinnied a big hello and came right up to see me. He is studly and he needs some manners.......but he is handsome and has his own charm about him.

We have had a few offers....but he cannot/will not stay in hot tape fencing, he cannot stay with mares and he cannot have an inexperienced handler. We hardly think this means he should be handed a death sentence. There must be someone out there for him.

If we were to adopt one of our own out, we could accomodate the stallion.......but we cannot take on more than we can handle financially or physically. We have two really nice horses ready for new homes.......take a look at our adoptables? Maybe you will fall in love?

Until then, we are looking for options for the stallion. We are open to ideas and suggestions.

Thanks for all of the nice notes was nice to see the horse community working together. The mare has a great home lined up and the old gelding could not be luckier......he gets a chance to feel better and get healthier.

A special thanks to the neighbor who has helped these horses for the past several months...he is a hero.

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