Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rational love

We will have a neuro evaluation done on Junah this week and then we will make a group decision as to what the rational, responsible thing to do should be. We all have time, love and a lot of emotion involved with him. He is a nice horse and willing to try anything if you ask him.

We all wondered why such a horse could be left at the Enumclaw auction yard, not even run through the auction and just left for the slaughter bus. Left in a ratty halter, feet that would make you cringe, unkempt mane and tail, dull coat........just waiting for the bus. No chance.....until Hana called us. Hana is an angel to horses at the sale doubt about it. She has the biggest heart and the kindest soul.
I want to take a moment and point out that many horses are taken to the Enumclaw auction and left or run through at ridiculous prices.....and they are perfectly healthy, sound, no issues, no problems.........they are just unwanted, unaffordable, or unloved. It is a cruel fate for a large percentage. If you have an old horse and you take them to the auction, you are almost 99 percent sure to be buying them a ticket to the slaughter house. An old horse who has served you well deserves better. The trip that leads to the slaughter house is a road trip to horror.

We are establishing a euthanasia fund to help with humane euthanasia of old, sick or crippled horses for those who cannot afford it. We feel it is the right thing to do.
Euthanasia is the last kind thing you can do for an animal you have loved and it should be affordable and accessible.

We will keep you updated on Junah and what we find out.

Hug your horse today, bury your head and your heart in his or her mane ..........feel the love!

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