Friday, May 15, 2009

The weekend is here again

Wow.......the week flew by and there is plenty to do tomorrow. Hamilton Radar Jones will be picked up and transported to the North farm. One of my own horses will be moved in order to accommodate Hamilton. Winston goes to another barn for two weeks. He is not a good companion for a rehab horse.

There is hay to be bought, an extra de-wormer, some supplements and probably some other things after I have a good look at our newest guest! I am told he is thin and in his pictures, he does look thin......although I personally know that the camera adds lbs to horses and in person they can look much worse........they never look better. Sigh. I am told he is friendly. So tomorrow I will go and load him up and bring him home. Another bay horse. It is kind of funny.......I have nothing on the farm but BAY that some sort of kharma for me? I have to admit to always being drawn to a bay horse.....any variation of bay will do....but then add TB to the mix and I am set. I should have called this BAY TB Gelding rescue and rehab. LOL.

We will evaluate him, put him on a feeding program and then give him a few weeks to put some weight on and get his mind in a better place.......then we will evaluate him under saddle.

I am told he trail rides and so I think once he has weight on, he will be easy to place.

I am sad to report that I lost a friend this week. Life is short. You regret things you said or you wish you had said them differently or more kindly. You wish a lot of things.......I don't know how else to say it.........and we probably all regret some things or some aspects of our lives. This is not a dress have one shot. I did a lot of soul searching and then I called another old friend and made apologies for an anger between us. I didn't give up my values but I did give up the anger and remembered to value the good that had been between us.

I will give up the preaching now.......but my point is LIFE IS SHORT>>>>>LOVE HARD and LOVE WELL.

enjoy your weekend!

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