Thursday, May 21, 2009

Three Arabians in need of immediate help

We have been asked to help with three Arabians who have no where to go. The elderly lady that owns them cannot afford their care and has no funds to euthanize them either (which is her final resort) Neighbors have been feeding them on and off, but the stallion escapes and is in danger of road traffic. He needs a secure facility/fenced area. There is an elderly and ill gelding, a mare and a stallion. Attempts to place them so far have not been successful. We believe it to be in the best interest of the gelding to be kindly and gently euthanized. We would like to help the mare and the stallion. If there is anyone who has the room in their hearts and their barns......please contact us immediately. There is not much time....a distant neighbor has offered to "shoot" them for only 350 dollars each.......I will not comment except to say that no one wants them shot. The horses need to be placed responsibly and so we will ask for references and a site visit. The mare is easy to handle, the stallion will require an experienced handler.....he is not unkind......just has not been worked with. Unfortunately our own rescue slots are all full and we cannot afford to take on another horse or horses at this time unless we find a sponsor for them or raise enough funds to feed and house them until such a time as we can place them into an adoptive home. If you want to commit to a sponsorship for one or the other, please contact us. If you would like to contribute to the euthanasia fund for the gelding, please email us. All funds donated to our rescue are tax deductable. We appreciate any and all ideas to get these horses to safety.

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