Friday, May 29, 2009


Wow.....the end of the week already......I must say I would be a fan of a four day work week if I could arrange it. I am enjoying the weather and the fact that the paddocks are dried out and we can start on Mud Management 101. We have road fabric and gravel to place in each paddock to prevent the mud we experienced last winter. I am not looking forward to spreading I hope we will have a tractor available. Jason has offered to come and help us with tractor work, so this might be one of those times......

The stallion is going to go to the Jones Farm tomorrow (small change of plans) and so early tomorrow morning I will hope that he is as willing to get in the trailer as he was previously. He is very food motivated. Actually he has been very well behaved at my place........we are proud of him. I am excited for the opportunity he has. This has come together very nicely due to so many folks........thanks to the Stiffeys, The Jones Farm, Dr. Tooman and the Kitsap Humane Society.

The old gelding is coming along. He was a little depressed. Probably the change, medication and the injury. He is in the best of hands and getting quality care by Chelsea, so I have high hopes he will come along. He is 25....but besides being thin, having bad skin and that nasty cut, he is not bad. No obvious lameness and he has a great disposition. Easy to handle. I love the older guys.

The Stiffey family donated money to us that will be used to do the stallion's teeth. He needs his teeth done prior to introducing a bit and so we thought we should do it with the gelding procedure. Poor guy....but he is strong and he will get through it.

It is a gorgeous sky, birds singing. As I write this a sparrow is tapping and flying against our window to "meet" his reflection. This has been going on for a week. He or she is in love with the reflection in the window! I have had to draw the blinds so that he/she will stop, but he/she just moves to the next window. I had all of the blinds drawn for a while, but it spoils the view. I might have to put a fake bird out there. I don't get it, there must be plenty of other available birds out there.

My own horse, Winston is coming back from a two week trial at a potential new home. Turns out he is not going to make a jumper.....nope, he is a dressage boy. Very showy and pretty. We have missed his antics while he was gone. So again, we will move horses and paddocks around. We are full to the brim. With all the time I spend with the rescues and working a full time job, I have very little time to ride.....such a shame for Winston to sit idle as much as he I either get more time or sell him. Hard decisions...hard choices.

Not to mention the fact that someone stole my saddles back in April. Pryed the lock off of my tack room and got a few power tools, plus my saddles. Talk about custom Schleese made for Churchie and my schooling saddles. Hard to ride without a saddle. I hope they did not get thrown away in the woods or somewhere. Makes me sick to think about it.

Well, I am off to feed, then work.

Enjoy your beautiful day. Do a random act of kindness for someone .......we all could use it.

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