Sunday, May 10, 2009 fencing!

4:45 Sunday pm.........I am taking a breather! We got thirty posts augered in and the fencing restrung.......metal posts pulled up (by hand) and the new wood fence is almost complete. We have some short sections in the pony pen to do and we need to expand the arena by about 15 feet. Our current arena is outdoor and is a little too small for big horses to work in. We will plan on new footing also. We are looking at some of the footing that is commercially available and so far Dover seems to have some that will work for us.

The horses were superstars today........three went into the arena, and the other two moved over to the far paddocks. No one was naughty. The three in the arena played well together, groomed each other and then napped in the sun.

We had two really great offers from private individuals who will work with our is a bodyworker and the other an up and coming trainer in his own right! We are excited.

We also have a vet who has offered to do teeth so that his working students can get some practice! More on that when we take them to him. I must say that we are very fortunate to have some professional folks helping us either at no charge or for low cost. We always ask permission prior to providing links to their we have asked and we will list those that want to be recognized! We are very grateful.

The guy with the tractor today was so nice........he gave us a discount and he was very patient when we changed our minds on where particular posts went...we moved one twice. He moved the manure pile too. We highly recommend him.....very reasonable rates and good work too!

enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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