Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blustery Sunday

It has been windy all day, without so much as a break.....and did I mention is was raining too?
Susy and I cleaned this morning in the rain and the wind....drank coffee, talked about horses, gave Grace some "scratchies" and then decided the day was too miserable for almost anything......where is spring? While I was dumping wheelbarrows.....I did spy some of my plants starting to come back in my garden and that alone gave me some hope that spring will return before I float away into oblivion.
Jones has been at Cutter Creek for a little over a week and he is being treated like royalty....massages and beauty treatments, pretty girls to fuss over him and he got to run in the sand arena without a blanket and then roll! Pure heaven. It looks like he might get adopted.......such a lucky boy!...and someone will be lucky to get him of our personal favorites for sure. His pasture mate is lonely for him...and is having to resort to sharing the fence line with that is DESPERATE.
We got Beaver's half wall up just in time.....he was standing in the corner tonight taking shelter from the wind......sometimes it works out just right.

We allowed Grace to go into the bottom field where there is less mud, easier for her to get around.....and Tarbaby had a fit....screaming and pacing and Grace ignored him. Mares are fickle like that.

Blue destroyed his Rambo blanket and so now he is wearing a hand me down rain sheet, but at least he is dry. Louie got Max's old blanket and Max got a new far so good with everyone else. If you have size 87 blankets........we can use them. Louie and Max are both 87's......Ollie and Winston wear 84's...Lizzie wears an 82....Beaver won't wear one at all........Tarbaby wears a 80 and Grace and Blue wear 76's. We should have really called this Big Horse Ranch or something catchy like that.

The weekend went by fast, we got lots done, as usual and keep planning for more.

Thank you to Sarah and Cutter Creek farm for helping Jones! It means the world to us.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

She still shines.

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