Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling Friday

Gross weather today.....simply gross....rain, cold, and chores to do anyway. I was wet, no hat, cleaning stalls/paddocks with Shelli and wondering why Shelli wants to volunteer on a day like this? Heck, even I didn't want to volunteer....I wanted someone to pay me.

We cleaned stalls, fed every one and then I moved horses around again.....I put Winston up in the arena turnout so he can stretch his legs more...and of course, I had to put Louie somewhere that Grace could see him because she goes ape if she can't see him. Mares = drama even when they are old! and of course everyone screamed bloody murder when we moved them. It was cute to see Beaver and Winston doing some mutual grooming.....screaming like a couple of old ladies and nipping each other on the shoulder.....then grooming like crazy......a little pony and a GREAT big Hanoverian. Funny...and where was my camera?

It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, so chores will be limited or else we will just stand in the barn a lot and drink coffee and talk about the things we could have done if the weather was nicer.

I noticed more plants pushing up from the ground today, and buds on the hydrangea bush. Spring is coming at least in the ground.

Our chore list continues......the trailer needs washing, we need a drainage ditch around the wash rack, cement in the barn aisle, one more stretch of fence through the woods, our Pony Up building erected, the arena leveled and compacted, SAND of course and top rails on the arena fence. I am a slave driver...I know it. I laughed when someone called me an "over achiever".......Ha. I just dream big.

Our place is not fancy, but it is safe and we are beginning to love it more and more. We just wish we could stretch the acreage a bit. Maybe when I win the lotto?
I get sentimental when I think of all the time, effort and love that it takes to run this place. I am blessed with the best people who help me and a family who supports me. Nothing else matters most days.

Get ready for our tack Sale in March......we have lots of stuff....and if you have something to donate..send it on over!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Say it out loud.

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