Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winsome Wednesday

The first news of the day is that Jones is OFFICIALLY adopted! WOOO HOOO! Congratulations to Jones and to Cutter Creek (Annie..thank you!) We are so grateful for Jones to get such a great home and I know he is too! I can tell you he is not missing us one bit.....
This is how it is supposed to go.....we take horses in and then they get a home like this and a new career! We are looking forward to seeing Jones in some hunter shows this spring. Pictures please?

We have a new routine we are trying this week and I am such a creature of habit...I suck at any type of change. A couple of my volunteers are feeding/cleaning in the morning, so I can go straight to work and this morning, I totally forgot...and so I stopped and fed.......and then Rebecca called me and said "DID YOU FEED?"......ummm, yeah....I did. Anyway, I trust that by next week, I may fall into the routine and maybe I can go to the gym or sleep in a little.....maybe. Thank you Rebecca and Shelli for the break.

We had a Pony Up visitor for Grace this evening. Her secret friend Jaime stopped by...brought her treats, some pellets and brought me some wine.....they had a nice visit and Grace loved the cookies...but had to keep an eye on Louie just the same. Jaime helped me feed and listened to the weird noises in the barn.....rats? I don't know...but the noise is strange. Anyway, thank you Jaime...always nice to see you and your mother.

We get a visitor and I take blankets off to show horse flesh and weight to them...I like visitors to know that horses are well fed and cared for. It is easy for people who are there everyday to take it for granted....but I always feel like people who donate and bring us things have a right to know that horses are well fed and healthy.
Jaime, you can chime in here if you want? LOL. Grace's weight is good although she has been through some trauma the last few days.

It will be Thursday tomorrow and that means it is Friday night to me...this has been a long week......I am tired...mentally and physically. I wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes it gets heavy. The loss of one of our horses stings...and the sting stays with us a while....sometimes I would venture to say that we never get over it.....but eventually we find our way around it.

Thanks for the notes......send a note to Cutter Creek and thank them for the adoption of Jones!

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

You never know how it ends.

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