Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's talk about Michael Vick...warning GRAPHIC discussion and photos

So let's talk about Michael Vick. My blog....my opionion...my forum.

I am sick of the notion that we all just forget his hideous behavior.....

but is he just a "dog fighter"?


This man committed heinous acts of torture against living creatures. The kind of stuff that serial killers start with....think Ted Bundy...think Jeffery Dahmer. The kind of stuff that makes you want to vomit when you think of the horrible suffering that occurred. I don't think the really bad stuff was publicized or perhaps people just quit reading when they read "dog fighting"....I don't know.
Dog fighting is hideous in it's own right......but the torture that occurred.....Mr. Vick participated in it, directed it, filmed it and by all accounts laughed as it went on in front of him.

Can you say SOCIOPATH?

The psychopath/sociopath is a social predator. He is ruthless, manipulative and often charming. Once referred to as “moral imbeciles,” psychopaths exhibit a marked lack of conscience. They are callous, remorseless and spectacularly self-centered, willing to use and abuse others to achieve their ends, and they are inclined to blame others.

I had a late night Facebook discussion with some folks about Mr. Vick. There was the same old response......"hasn't he paid his dues?"..."can't we just go on and let him live his life?".(can't we just watch him play football?).....well, I guess he has paid his dues as sentenced.....but that doesn't mean he developed a conscience while he was in prison.....you cannot grow a conscience if you never had one to start with.......it just means he knows what he needs to say publicly in order to play football and make a lot of money off of all the football fans. It frankly makes me sick.
He can parade around the county doing his little talks and speeches....but what I want him to do is to take pictures of the dogs he tortured, electrocuted, fought, hung and show them to the kids he is talking to.....I want him to answer how it ever occurred to him that torture was pleasurable......I want him to answer how he decided to clamp jumper cables to ears and throw dogs into swimming pools?

I even had a couple of folks reply who said..."you aren't one of those who equate the lives of dogs with humans?"


Umm.....you aren't one of those folks who think that animals can't/don't suffer? or do you think it just doesn't matter?
Who made you God?
My dogs are part of my family......they are not vegetation......they are not stuffed toys.....who are you to tell me how to value their lives?

When you have someone who lacks humanity.....one who has less conscience than a bottom feeding fish....do they deserve some Godlike status? Do they stand on a pedestal above the rest of the world?? NO, they do not.
The word "torture" isn't only used when involving humans. Dogs feel pain...dogs suffer....dogs scream. This person tortured for his pleasure.
Read the account here.........

There is no more punishment available to him for these crimes through the justice system....the best punishment is to turn him back into the shadows to "nobody status".....take his hero status away.....NO more football. This guy has no redeeming value except athletic ability.....he is no role model. What happened to the days when football players really were genuine guys....not morally bankrupt gangbangers wannabes? And what happened to the discerning public? Will we tolerate anything now?
Without football he can really be the loser that he is. Football players come and go ......make him go.

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