Sunday, January 23, 2011

So often Sunday

Lots to do today, I thought it would be another beautiful day, but it was only so rained a little with gray skies all day. None the less, the usual work needs to be done and then some. I always find something else.
Today, Ryan and I work on fencing....fixed some loose posts, tightened up some stretches of wire, cleaned up old lumber from the back of the barn and ran a temporary fence line through the woods. It doesn't sound like much, but we worked all day.....
Grace is not eating much, still very shaky on her feet, she layed down a lot today and I checked on her several times.......the first time I made her get up...I was worried and nervous.....the second time I got a grip on myself and let her lay there. At dinner time, she was still not sold on the idea of eating...We sliced apples for her and she ignored them. I can only say that I am not ready for a I ask her to please hold on....please.
I made a new squirrel feeder today too....and it works great. I was tired of the raccoons tearing up every feeder I got.....who knew that raccoons wanted sunflower seeds?
We built a big fire to burn up the old lumber and it was nice to stand next to...and warm up for a little while.
Our old friend the eagle came by today and surveyed the chickens......too many people around and so he didn't stop.....I had really forgotten about his visits and how fond he is of chicken dinner.

We surveyed our waiting list and found that out of four waiting horses, all four had found homes........which is a good feeling. I hope they all are GREAT homes.
It gives us breathing room and rest for pasture areas.........spring will be here and I hope the pastures are green and lush.

Enjoy your week.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Look behind you several times.......then move forward.

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