Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Rain falls and falls

It has rained all day...water, water everywhere, coursing through streets, making furrows through pastures...making soggy creatures out of all of us.
Although I dried my hair this morning, it was wet again by the time I really left for work. I should have put a hat on. I think of these things like some rocket scientist ex post facto......I have a hat, it is at the barn and still I think perhaps I really don't need it because I will just be a little while.....go figure.

Almost like a vacation this week......I have have all kinds of help and I feel like I haven't done my share. I am off for half the day tomorrow and have lots to do....order hay, get grain, get stall pellets, vet appointments, Fred Meyer......don't you love Fred Meyer? It has everything.

I made the painful decision to have Bonnie euthanized. Painful for me but better for her. It is no life to never walk again, never hang out with other chickens and she is very thin...probably not getting enough to eat. I am selfish to ask her to continue. RIP Bonnie, we love you.

Jones is still at Cutter Creek and soaking up the attention, being a good boy and working like a pro. He is a great horse for someone and he really needs to get out more. He is a beautiful boy.

Saturday we have visitors at Pony UP...some new volunteers and some folks who want to see the farm.

Grace is settling in. It is apparent that she is arthritic, a little spoiled and has a hard time keeping warm. I double blanketed her during the rain, even though the temperature was up, she was cold and wet. Not a good combination for an old horse. She seems to be eating just fine and looks forward to her slop. We were short on smaller blankets, so I had to use a bigger blanket over top of another......she seems much warmer tonight.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

The path is lit before you.......

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