Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday brings cooler weather

Yesterday (Thursday) so so hot. I know, I know......this is Washington and we don't know hot....but remember it is all relative. I have lived in Washington all my life, so "hot" to me is what we had yesterday. Truthfully......I would rather be cold than hot.......and yet, I hate to complain because we had such crummy weather for so long earlier this year. Anyway, today is delightfully cool. Chores were easier, there was no sweat running down my brow and Hamilton sweated a lot less.

Hamilton is sweating copious amounts, leaving salt trails on his coat. He has plenty of water and a mineral/salt brick available, plus shade and yet he still wants to stand outside and windsuck on the rail of the fence. I hate cribbing collars, I think I said so before.......but we are experiencing 24/7 windsucking with Hamilton. He needs to give himself a break. We will work on that tomorrow.....maybe a hot wire across the rails of the fence and removal of his grain feeder.

The new chick is coming along well......his mother is protective of him and keeps him in the cat room during the day. Yes, I said the "cat" room. She takes jr from the coop and directs him right into the cat room and up and into the cat bed. If the cats dare to come in, she will fly at them and they heed her warning. She is a very small chicken with a very small chick and so each night I put her and him back into the coop. He is no more than a handful of black fluff.

Did you ever watch The Electric Horseman with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford? The horse rising star and the cowboy Sunny. I love that movie. I am not really a Jane Fonda fan, but I did love the movie, Robert Redford and of course the horse. Good plot......great ending. You should watch it sometime.

The Mariners are playing Minnesota.......0 to 0 so far. I hate baseball.....but I cannot escape it as I type this and so yes, I know the score and will probably be able to give you the final score and tell you who batted what and who put who out....... I am relatively sure the game is on every TV in this house. Funny, huh?

Tomorrow we weed eat at the barn, rake up hay, throw out garbage and the shoer comes for the whole crew again. We will also pick rocks from the arena, clean water troughs and pick paddocks. Never ending chores........never ending responsibility........but we love to do it. The fact that Hamilton nickers, fusses and whinnies at me makes it all worth while even on the worst of days.

There is a local schooling show tomorrow and I think I will go and watch........ it is Pony Club sponsored. We love Pony Club and what it teaches.

enjoy your evening!

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