Monday, June 1, 2009

The "stallion": is now a GELDING (Warning...Graphic photos!)

The actual castration ............

The final product...

teeth being done after castration...

Warning! Graphic photos......not for the faint of heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy to announce that the gelding procedure took place this morning without complication or incident. Teeth were done and tetnus/flu shots!

I am sure he is wondering what exactly happened to him and how he got to where he is...when just last week, he was king of his domain.

Poor boy!

He is in great hands and resting comfortably, he will be hand walked later and get a gentle hosing with cold water of the "injured" area.

Carrie took pictures for us and I will post them later this evening. Send good thoughts his way.....I wish I could tell him that in two weeks he will feel much better about most things.

The little sparrow was at my window this morning and I discovered he/she only has one leg....maybe that is what makes it hard to find a mate if you are a sparrow. I am not sure what to do for him/her......he/she is bringing something each time he/she comes to the window....bugs, small worms......dried grass.

We got a lot done yesterday and my construction friend should finish the upper loafing shed this week.

I picked Winston up and he is not sure my hay is to his liking.....I explained to him that perhaps the Taj Majal had better food, but this was the only food he was now likely to be getting, so he had better eat it up. They took great care of him and he looks gorgeous. I have missed him and am glad to have him back home.

some folks have asked why I posted pictures of the "nads"........ummmmmm, is part of the procedure, which I promised to share with you......and it is reality.........comes with farm life, animals, responsibility, committment.........the whole 9 yards of owning a horse. Not everything comes wrapped in a My Pretty Pony package in the horse ownership realm..

I promise to keep the blog clear of unsuitable topics for younger teenagers, I promise not to swear in print but I also promise to show reality......that might be the graphic starvation cases or any type of surgery we encounter.....or hoof name it, it can be ugly.

I had my old dog euthanized late this afternoon, he was 16. A sweet old Bull Terrier. We called him "The Man Dog".........but his real name was Amos Moses......we sometimes called him Mouse Man due to his timid nature. 16 years......a long life but not nearly long enough for those who loved him. RIP old man.......we will see you again.

I will update tomorrow on the stallion's gelding's progress......

sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

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