Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday is almost over

The gelding who was a stallion is resting comfortably.......he was getting some ground lessons today and learning to stand tied. He never pulled back, but was definitely agitated and showed his displeasure by pawing, snorting and if looks could kill.......well, you know what I mean.

I cannot thank the Stiffey family enough for all of their work........today they brought their tractor and drug/tilled my arena, they cleared rocks and roots....and the arena looks awesome!

They also brought some oats and beet pulp to us, then groomed the crew of geldings, then cleaned and filled water buckets. I am thinking of how lucky we were to find them!

My resident banty hen hatched one egg and she has a stunning little black chick with a yellow spot on his head. This one is for you Chelsea! Oh and we named him Spot....nothing else seemed to fit. The hen had three other eggs left, but we checked them out and they were not fertile...........too bad as she is a good mother. Last year she was only able to hatch one egg as well and it wasn't even hers!

It was so warm today, I hope you got out to enjoy it...such a nice change from the rather ugly weather we were experiencing.

I think Hamilton looks better today. I de-wormed him again and increased his corn oil. His teeth need to be addressed and we will try to arrange funds for that shortly. Hamilton has turned into a love bug with me.

Rio loves Briann Stiffey, who patiently combed his tail today and made him shine like a copper penny. He was quiet and willing for the whole beauty process. Maybe a match made in heaven......we will have to see says I. I want to take Rio to a barn and see how his mind does when it is a busy place and then see how he does riding amongst other horses, being cross tied and being hauled. Keep your fingers crossed.

We always want the match to be just right between horse and owner. It should be an even playing field with two willing partners who understand each other. Sounds like a romantic notion, doesn't it? LOL........but really, think about it.......you know each others strengths and weak spots.....and you don't take advantage, but make it work for you like a team sport. You appreciate the skill and take care of each other. It is that commitment and responsibility thing that I preach about.

I will try to get updated pictures tomorrow. I promise no bloody ones tomorrow!

have a nice evening!

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