Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday rolls in

Wowie...what a weather day yesterday! We had thunder, lightning and BUCKETS of rain. I was driving back from Maple Valley and there was a HUGE area of black suspended was like suddenly driving from day into night...then BOOM, the thunder claps came and lightning snaked across the sky. I went straight to the farm and checked on the horses. All seemed fine and of course there were a few who didn't deem it necessary to be in their stall...why? I don't know. Of course if they didn't have a stall, they would be begging to get in somewhere. It is just how it works.

Hamilton is not eating well. No temperature, no obvious symptoms other than suddenly his appetite is not good. He is not cleaning up his hay or his grain. All these weeks he has been a good eater. We are concerned. He is going on probiotic today, senior grain and if he does not eat well this morning, he will see the vet. He cannot afford to lose any precious weight.

I did not get the roof on the new loafing shed yesterday and I guess you know why...r a i n...hopefully I can get it done one day this week in the afternoon.

Our hay man donated a ton of hay to us yesterday...he is always so good to us. For several years now we have bought hay from him, he always treats us right, gives us a good price and sells us good hay. He also donates to our fundraisers. If you want his number...e-mail me (Rosemary). Usually he delivers but yesterday I went and got it, I thought it was the least I could do since he was giving it to us...but, okay...umm...I had to unload it. These bales were not as big as last time, but still hefty. I drove it home while it was NOT raining and backed up to the barn, got out and looked at it for a while. I determined it was NOT going to jump off the truck by itself. Nope. So I crawled to the top of the stack and sat there for a moment. I wondered if someone might stop by....lightning flashed......the sky was still dark and I knew that no one in their right mind was going to come to the barn. I also knew that it was going to rain soon. So I picked one up and dumped it off the truck, followed by another...until I had the entire top layer off. All bales laying scattered in the alleyway. Hmm. Now I just have to stack them. Where the heck are my hay hooks? GONE. Okay, well I just better get cracking. I am wondering if I can call my brother in law...maybe my, not enough time. Back to the work at hand. I decide that I am stacking it in the alley is covered, safe and easy to feed from...yes, the alley way seems a lot better than dragging it to the back and I can get Page to help me move it tomorrow...LOL...great idea! I throw it all off the back of the truck. I am sweating even though it is cool out...I am not even hearing the thunder or seeing the lightning...I don't care...I am tired. Did I tell you I was old? Okay...old and buff.

On the way home yesterday I took the lab (Baylee) to the Cedar River. I walked her along the trail and down right to the river. She waded right in and wanted to swim, but I held her back on her long leash as the current was swift. I let her pick up a few things and wade around, get a drink and go pee pee. Then we ran back up the trail, got into the car and made a bee line for Starbucks as I was really chilled. She went right to sleep on her dog bed but got a treat of whipped cream when we pulled into Starbucks of the reasons we like Starbucks...they always give a treat or some water to my dogs.

gotta get rolling, I am now LATE!!!

Enjoy your day.

Evening update...Hammy is feeling better, ate all his rations him a different weight supplement with probiotic in it...he was hesitant to eat it at first, but by the time I was done feeding, he was eating it down.

I got the rafters put up on the loafing shed. I have to work late tomorrow so I cannot put the metal roof up...but perhaps Wednesday evening.

We need plywood to box the stall portion in.

Hey, I ordered some Pony Up stuff from the CaféPress store. I will let you know how it looks/feels/quality. I ordered the BIG mug for my morning coffee and some note cards to use as thank you letters.

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