Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday and we work

We got a lot done today! A new loafing shed was built for Sully in a group effort by my brother-in-law (Rod), Page, Briann and myself. We got it all done except for the roof and I will finish that up tomorrow...if it is not pouring rain. The weather held today and so we did not get wet or even too hot! Just right. Now we need to get the paddock built around it and get the stall mats put in it.......hang a feeder up and voila! we are ready for Sully.

I also got Rio out today with Briann's help and we tacked him up. Then we lunged him...what a good boy to lunge...very obedient...then I put Briann up on him and we walked him around practicing relaxation exercises, halting from her seat and learning gentle aids and gentle hands/quiet legs. Everything went well and we plan to make a schedule for him to come out, get some exercise and see how he continues to bond with Briann. Keep your fingers crossed as they both seem crazy for each other!

I don't think I posted it but I am a foster mommy to a chocolate Labrador retriever named Baylee. I have fostered lots of dogs and I am mostly a terrier fan, but I have never fostered a Lab before. WOW...24 hour fun is what this dog is. She loves the water, especially the hose AND MY KOI POND. The Koi pond seems to be fair game anytime my back is turned. I got her a kiddy pool today and although I am sure it is not as good as the Koi pond, it entertained her for a long while. She laid in it, pawed in it, drank from it and splashed in and out of it. When I get a new dog, I always take it to work in order to assess socialization and to have a little guys at work love her....they walk her every couple of hours, bring her treats, show her off to customers and take her to PetSmart. She has it good I guess? I bought her a new Costco dog bed and it is on the passenger side of my truck so she can travel in comfort. We adore her!

Tomorrow I take my Rottie pup to obedience class. Seven week course. We are..or should I say I am looking forward to it.

Saturday night and we always have Mexican food....I have about forty minutes before dinner, so I better get the dogs fed and out of these "construction" clothes.

A big thank you to the work crew was fun! My brother in law rocks!

As I write this I am always thankful for the folks who help us out, donate their time and means so much to us and the horses who depend on us. We meet great people and lifelong friends.

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