Saturday, June 6, 2009

The un-stallion gets training

Here is a picture of our boy, saddled and bridled........looking pretty handsome isn't he? A far cry from the wild stallion of a few weeks ago.

He had his feet trimmed and it was reported that he stood very well and biting or fussing. Very, very smart he is and I might add that he looks rather stunning in his photo shoot. (thanks to Carrie Reeves for the photo!)

He has been round penned and will probably have a rider on him come Monday or Tuesday......we are all very excited! More pictures Carrie!

We moved stall mats this morning. We have stall mats outside the loafing sheds so that we don't have muddy areas and sometimes they get moved around despite our best efforts. After you have manhandled stall mats for fifteen minutes, you feel like you had a full work out. I think this is why I have such big biceps.....years of moving stall mats.......bucking hay and wrestling horses. No kidding, I have biceps to die for.

The horseshoer came at 1:30 and everyone got their feet trimmed. Hamilton's feet look much better but it will be several shoeing cycles before they are normal. He has typical thoroughbred feet.........flat soles, thin walls. He was good for the shoer. I put a hot wire on his fence boards and he simply moved to a new spot and was also seen windsucking on a wood post...... I thought they were too high but apparently not. Hamilton was brushed out and had his mane combed too. He loves the attention.

I am always thankful for the folks who do things for us and we have a whole host of them. Such a blessing to know such good people. I am moved by the people who have nothing but they still have something to give......a fencepost, apples from their trees.....homemade cookies or some boards or towels. We are appreciative of all we get...

Briann was out today and helped with stalls, grooming and measuring the arena. In case I forget, it is 59 x we have a little enlarging to do but not as much as I thought.

My condolences to Bob and Margaret H. on the loss of their son. Our hearts go out to you. It was so nice visiting you today, if there might be anything we could do, please let us know.

Just another reminder that life is fragile and hard......hug often.

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