Thursday, June 11, 2009

The sweet smell of fresh hay

Thursday pm.....finally home after a long day......I got some nice Eastern Washington hay today. The hay truck came to me at my place of work in Federal Way. A petite lady was driving the semi and got out to meet me. I was looking for the beefy hay guy to get out of the cab and join us. Nope...there wasn't one. Me and her. hmmmm...I am looking at the hay. Three string bales...huge. I got up on the truck bed and tried to move one...sort of like moving a huge block of cement. Me and her...hmmm...she hardly weighs as much as a bale of that hay. My dad's voice is playing in my head....."you aren't six feet tall for nothin'"...yes...It is looking like I am going to move this hay twice. To her credit, she helped with each bale...both of us sweating like an ice cube in the sun. We got it loaded on my truck, I tied it down and I hit the road for the farm. YES...I unloaded it again..maybe I should say I "dumped" it, kicked it out of the truck and left it. It is not going to rain tonight, right? Page loves to move hay and I know she will want to help first thing in the morning. LOL.

I forgot to mention that the hay is very nice...I gave some to the crew tonight and they loved it! It was a great price and I give it a thumbs up!

Update on the UN-stallion:

He is feeling better after running a slight temperature yesterday. He resumed eating and was very happy to visit other horses over the fence. is back to work. He is on medication (antibiotics) for ten a precaution.

More pictures of him tomorrow.

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