Saturday, April 10, 2010


beautiful morning........cold and windy......almost felt like winter for a while while I walked the dogs.
I got up at 5am with the dogs, put them out and walked them around, made coffee......went back to bed......slept in a up, drank email.....brush teeth, shower, brush hair..........go to barn.
The new chicks are doing great with their adoptive momma. I keep them in a crate at night for their own safety and let them out come morning. They are growing already.....getting little wing feathers and tails.
So today we had a lot to accomplish and accomplish we did. We resolved to replace the perimeter fencing that runs the driveway .....some posts were rotten and the board fence part had many rotten boards as we don't want to paint a board fence every year. We replaced all posts with no climb fencing and new wood posts.. LOOKS GREAT! Hard work ...indeed. Three of us got it done. Next weekend we will do the arena.......we didn't have an auger for the tractor. Thank goodness for the enabled us to pull the fence tight.
Thank goodness for get the job done.

The sun was out for a good portion of the day and although the wind was brisk, we worked without coats most of the day. Such a nice change from the steady course of rain that we have had.
Ryan helped me feed and I cleaned Mercy's stall.......then we called it a day. Very productive.
Tomorrow I go to look at an RV for the caretaker position. This will enable me to have a day off every once in a while and also help someone with a place to live.

Breeze went to a new home on Friday. I was misty eyed to send her is always that way when I have cared for a horse for a long while. You hope for the best. Sort of like sending your kid to college , I suppose.

I am worn out..........grilling salmon for dinner, drinking a glass of red wine........hope to watch a movie but not sure I can stay awake that long.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It is not that complicated..........just do it.

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