Wednesday, April 21, 2010's Wednesday

Still gray weather and cold enough to wear my Carhart in the morning and at the end of the day ...c'mon spring.....I know you are out there.

We are sort of sad to say that Pete the Peacock apparently went home. He left sometime yesterday and we have not seen him since. After all this time we really got used to him and thought he would stay with us. okay, we got attached to him and his glorious plumage...but apparently he wants a mate and so off he went. Good luck Pete!

I had a small breakthrough with Mercy today. She nuzzled me and rubbed her head on my shoulder, then allowed me to scratch her poll. I know this doesn't sound huge.....but it is huge for her. She does not like to be touched......and she prefers no contact zones with people. She stood by me for a long time, ears forward and relaxed. Maybe we are wearing her down........or she is tired of fighting or who really knows....but I am glad she craves at least some attention from me.

Promise is also turning into a little social butterfly.......she actively seeks out grooming from anyone standing near her. She sometimes resorts to stall walking when she feels nervous or if something is diffent at the farm. She is finally starting to shed that nasty worm fur....and she will be a lovely bay color. Her weight is good too. Time to start working her in hand a little when the weather turns better. A project for Ryan I think........

I didn't get any construction work done this week at the farm, although I started to compile a huge "to do" list again. It never I always say....but most days I feel like we are least a little. Nothing that 50 thousand dollars couldn't easily then reality set in.

We will have a guest horse this summer.........a horse I placed a good long while ago. We have agreed to keep him while his owner travels this summer. Silk is an old Arab gelding.......almost starved to death at one time........but now lives a life of luxury on Fox Island........he will come and stay June through September at Pony Up. We look forward to seeing him.

Sully is coming along at the Jones Farm. I think he will come along okay and there is a potential adopter in the wings. Don't I always say that? Optimistic.....I believe there is an adopter for every horse. Sometimes the stars and the moon have to line up, but hey, it does happen.

Vinnie, by all reports is also coming along nicely......and he lives in a beautiful barn with a great big pasture and a really nice woman who ADORES him. You go go! You deserve the best and I believe you got it.

One of these days I will get around to putting a book together of all the horses who have galloped into my heart and then trotted out to someone else's waiting arms. Sometimes I can't remember how many......the where's, the whens....but I remember each horse.

I am listening to a growling cat.......a cat who is being mauled by a puppy......a cat who refuses to use his brain and jump up on something, but instead lays on the floor and growls/howls as loud as he can......while the puppy enjoys it. Honestly it sounds like an alley cat fight. The pup is learning how to properly deal with a cat......and it's claws. Proper ettiquette for a house dog who lives with cats......back off and look at the cat, then wag your tail.......then walk off like you are not the least bit interested.......then when the cat relaxes, run back and jump on him.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

reach your hand out, you might be surprised.

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