Monday, April 19, 2010

Sun comes Sunday

I get up on Sunday and it is gray.....hmm.....I think, well it is going to rain all day, like the day before and so I drag myself around and finally get to the barn....a little late. I get to work feeding and cleaning.
Ryan calls and says the sun is out where he we decide that maybe the day will not be gray after all..........Ryan drives up and we work on the arena fencing. The sun is definitely is hot actually.....all the horses are napping in the dirt while we work with the posts. We get the whole south end done..........what a lot of work but save by the fact that we had the auger on the tractor and did not have to dig by hand.
We also pulled up the old gate posts and moved the driveway gate back far enough so that we can pull the trailer and truck all the way in without having to sto in the road......and now we can put the gate opener on the gate!
Next weekend we will stretch the fence on the posts and tear down the old fencing. What a chore....but it will be so good to have it done and it will look so much better. Then of course we need to grade the arena and haul some sand in.
Did I say the work is never done? One chore is finished and another one appears. Some day.....some day.
With the dry weather we got some dryer fields and that is a good will mean dryer feet and horses who can go out in the field.

We still need to cut fence post tops off..........we have some that are different lengths.....due to me buying what I could get my hands on.....and what was available.

Long week ahead......projects and more projects........we have to find time to ride ...or begin to ride some of the rideables.....Max, Ollie.........and Promise.

Sully was worked at the Jones Farm again today and made progress. He is not being mean......or nasty..........he is just scared of something. Lots of round penning, sacking out and some confidence.......we have high hopes he will turn out just fine. He was a good boy in the trailer as always....he has good ground manners.

off to bed.....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

keep your committments, you have folks counting on you.