Friday, May 7, 2010

Farway Friday

Sun today.......thank goodness.....the weather forecaster said this is the first sunny day in a month........and I know that is true.
No work at the farm takes priority. My mother is ill again and back in the hospital. She will have surgery tomorrow. Very emotional day for all of us. We love our mom.
We had to make plans today for her recovery today.......her dogs, her rehab....where she will stay.....none of it easy. Thanks to the volunteers who helped me out today with her dogs while we waited at the hospital and thanks to the volunteers who did barn chores so that I could be gone. Everything else seems trivial......we want mom back home.
I came back to the farm late this afternoon and planted some of my mom's plants that she had been waiting for a sunny day to plant...and I weeded her shade garden......let her dogs out and closed the house is lonely in there.

I called to check in on Sully today and it is reported he is coming along fine......walking and trotting without a fuss and ready to start canter work. He is getting over his fear issues whatever they may have been. We still have a couple of folks interested in adopting keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks to Ryan for bringing Beaver some grass hay today and for spending some time with Promise. Promise is turning into a beauty queen......wait till you see her pictures.

Tarbaby's feet are much better and he was out to graze today.....even mustered up a canter in the pasture.......silly old coot.
Just one day of sun and the paddocks are dry........funny how that works......and just one day of rain to ruin them.
No volunteers tomorrow.....I will feed quite early and then head to the hospital to be with my mom.
Sunday I hope to get some chores done but we will see what the day brings.

We are joining with the local humane society to explore some mutually beneficial programs......they seem eager to listen and I seem eager to talk......hmmm...?
I think we can make progress together......we will try to get the rest of the horse community to join in, as well as have some representation of the local veterinarians. Hopefully it can be win=win for everybody.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Fortune will follow grace.

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