Friday, May 14, 2010

for thought on Friday

We are starting a fund, in honor of Jake, the horse we took in last winter, but ultimately could not save......the fund will be called "For Jake's Sake". This will be an emergency fund to help with horses who need emergency care and intake due to starvation/neglect.
Here is the latest horse in need of emergency funds. We were not sure if we could save her....and still not sure as of today....but she is eating and she is trying.........we are hush mouthed until we have made some progress...until she has hung in there for a week or two......all too often we must help a horse pass peacefully........always heart breaking but sometimes necessary to ease pain and suffering
We have named her Grace. She is the epitome of manners and patience......not a mean bone in her puny body. She has stood patiently for betadine scrubs, medicated baths.....foot soaks and louse dusting. Her body is emaciated, she has large bald patches, ulcerated skin, she was infested with lice, she has the worst quarter crack in her foot that we have ever seen, she had mud encrusted on her legs and pasterns.....and yet she stood solid as a rock while we tried to ease her discomfort with scrubbing, picking and soaking and rinsing.
Ryan and I bathed her this morning and I think her skin feels better........another louse dusting and starting her on a little alfalfa and lots of grass hay. She loves her grain, not so sure about the beet pulp and rice bran. It will be several weeks before we deworm her....always a touch and go situation. The farrier will come out and help us decide how best to help her feet. The quarter crack extends all the way up into the hair line.......very, very painful.........poor girl...poor Grace.
Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:
Simple deeds .........complex hearts.

When we picked her up, she stepped right into the fuss, no trouble........she rode quietly......not a peep out of her. She got out of the trailer, ate some senior grain and stood quietly for us as we looked her over. She has really bad teeth and badly infected ears. She is a mess. It will take some money to bring her back to a state of normal ......but we intend to try........she deserves a chance....don't you think?


phaedra96 said...

The condition of that poor mare is appalling. How old do you think she is? Is her back dropped or just looks that way?

jennywho said...

She looks identical, condition and all to my very first horse. Thankfully I didn't know that Tasha wasn't supposed to make it, that she was too bad off. All I knew was that I OWNED my VERY OWN horse and I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. May the love from humans heal Grace like they did Tasha. Many, many prayers for Grace.