Saturday, May 29, 2010

Non soliel Saturday

More of the same.....gray,wet weather......ugh...I can hardly take anymore.
Still the chores must be done and I even find the courage to plant a few more things in this March-like weather. Here it is.....Memorial Day.....and we are cold and wet.

I work alone for awhile this morning and then Briann, my little ray of sunshine comes and helps me......we run errands together, then come back and clean .....bed down stalls, clean some sheaths (yuck).....clean and medicate some feet, clean a wound on Ollie's leg.......powder Grace with some louse powder and Tarbaby too, because he has been doing the "community scratch" thing with Grace....and I don't want anything to get started.

I am bummed that the swallows never decided to make nests in the barn...the barn must be too busy? I don't know. I feel cheated.

We got two more tons of hay today.....alfalfa.......timothy is getting hard to get. We may have to take a drive to Eastern Washington and get some......or some Orchard Grass or Teff or ???? but the fact is, we will need some grass. Beaver has to have grass and the fatso's really don't need all that alfalfa. The next thing you know, they will start mooing.

One thing about wet and cold weather is that the flies are POOF....gone. I have fly traps outside and then I hung some of those sticky fly catcher things......and was like something out of a comedy routine.......I had them hanging over my feed bench.......first one of them stuck to my forehead....I brushed it aside and it was stuck to my hand and then I shook it loose and it caught in my hair......and then of course back on my hand........GROSS. I took them down and I will think of something else. I cannot imagine having that thing stuck to me with about 1000 flies on it.

Grace felt good today and ate all her breakfast and then lunch....then napped.....and fretted because TarBaby was out of her sight.....then he came out and all of her world was right again. They nuzzled and then groomed each other. A very sweet sight......two old horses loving each other. When the weather turns nice (okay, doesn't it have to eventually?) and Grace is more stable, I will turn them out together. I think they both will be thrilled.

The eagle was back today and I held my ground........he hung around for 1/2 hour waiting on a wayward didn't happen.

We received a check today from the Hannah and her family.......thank are so generous to us and I am so very appreciative. You help us to help horses like Grace.

We also got a check from a United Way fund.....I have to look up the donor.......but I guess you know who you are.......and thank you also.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Remember virtue and it will reward you.

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