Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WET Wednesday

I am listening to my resident frog is late and I still have much to do.

Today was gray and wet......wet and gray....we really need some sun. I looked at the weather forecast of the United States and I think we have ALL the rain in the nation at this point. I have never left horse blankets on until the end of May......never.

Speaking of horse blankets......we were donated a nice blanket for Grace (that she is now wearing) courtesy of Dr. Mike. It was just what she needed, as she was wearing a huge blanket that we had to tie knots in the straps in order to get it to stay on her. Thank you for the blanket.....Grace can surely make good use of it, as she does get cold at night.

My chickens are trying to abandon the chicken coop and sleep in the barn. I have to bodily place them in the coop at night. I thought they were supposed to love their coop? We even put a window in it....but the barn, for some reason, seems like better sleeping arrangements. The banties go in the rafters and I cannot get them easily.
That is why they have what we call "chicken brains" I guess.

This weekend I will do some painting.....move some manure piles around.....groom horses and clean some tack. If by some chance the sun comes out, I am going to ride Max.,,he just doesn't know it yet and I am wondering by the look of his belly if the girth will fit him...or if I need an extension fitting. LOL.

It has been a long week, we are short handed at work and it makes for long days. Tomorrow is my Friday and all I can say is .....yes.

American Idol was a bust. Maybe the worst year ever or am I simply tired of it?

Joe of TB Friends talked about forgiveness today.. and I am with him. I simply cannot forgive some things.....not now, not ever. Some betrayals will rip the heart and soul right out of you and they cannot be forgotten or minimized by rote words of apology. You know what I am talking about.

Grace continues to make progress and is getting more of a personality each day....she talks and she pushes on you......she bangs her gate and will not lift her head from her grain pan no matter what can hardly blame her. We are all rooting for Grace. Her front foot is much more comfortable, but she is still stiff behind.....maybe always will be.

I stopped feeding the rice bran today to the fatso's....umm.....that would be Ollie, Max, Church and yep....even Promise and Tarbaby. I am going to try some corn oil with Grace and see if that will be palatable for her. Beaver, of course, is on local grass hay only and still fat as a piggy. We stopped him from foraging in the manure pile and we hoped it would facilitate some weight loss..what he really needs is some work.

Sully has a horsey cold and so he is out of work for a few days until his snotty nose clears up. In the meanwhile, he is turned out with another gelding and I am told they are getting along very well. I was skeptical....but hey, it worked. I tend to be a worry wort and the horses usually work it out.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Make the phone turns out well.

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