Sunday, May 23, 2010

So be it Sunday

Grace is feeling stronger today......she pawed at her gate to let me know she was hungry and she was quite insistent that she should be fed of course, I fed her first. She can have anything she wants.......I have a string attached from her hoof to my heart.

The day was gray and cold until just afternoon. Mary came and helped me clean.......then I ran home and did "home" chores....then to Lowes and Fred Meyer.......yes, I got more plants.....planted some more in my mom's yard......and some more around the Pony Up barn.....lots of lavender and cat, but pretty.

I kept Grace's blanket on all day as it really never did warm up and she gets cold easily. I am happy to report that she is growing some new hair on her previously bald spots. I guess having some food helps.

I did not get many barn projects finished this week, although I did rake the driveway and clean up around the barn. Time to order hay again......2 ton goes quickly because ....well......they eat like pigs around here. The shoer and the vet said they need a know I don't like to see any ribs. You know, I like pigs too. I wish we had a pig......well, not really....but pigs have a lot of personality and they are smart.

My flytraps are empty.......too cold for flies I far I have caught some gnats and one hornet. Big deal.

The eagle was back yesterday just before the chickens went to bed.......he scared them all by landing on a fence post and waiting. They stayed in the brush .......honestly, can't he catch a salmon or one of the neighbors chickens? We are not the only chickens on the road....
The chicks are almost fully grown.....and I think they are all fortunate is that?

There is a three day ride in Cle Elum in July and I sure would like to go.......three days of camping and riding.....fireside meals.......and it sure sounds like fun? but I have a trail horse? I don't. I have fussy dressage horses, TB's off the track, a small devil pony........nope, I don't have a trail horse. Send me one, would you?

Back to work tomorrow. Hoping for some good weather soon.......Grace needs a bath again, the plants need some sun......and gosh, so do I.

Enjoy your week.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Say what you mean and say it out loud.

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