Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wait a minute Wednesday

The week has flown by.....horses, work, getting my mom home from the hospital and situated into my house.......trying to get my routine in order so that it doesn't seem like sheer chaos.

10 pm and I am just now ready for bed....okay not quite ready...but nearly.

Grace is holding her own. The temperature dropped today, it rained, we have high winds and so I blanketed her. She is eating nearly all of her gruel and we have added a little more fat to it so that she can keep gaining. She is a very sweet horse. She stood stock still for the blanket as she does for most everything. Our new volunteers met her tonight and learned how to feed her. Mushy, everything must be mushy and warm. They also learned that Beaver will steal any food that is carried past him and he will act like a gorilla in order to get it.

Promise is looking very good and everyone who visits the farm says "that can't be the same horse?" but yes it is......the ugly duckling turned into a swan.

Sully is coming along leaps and gains.......riding in the arena, doing walk, trot and a little won't be long and he comes home. He is all slick from shedding and bathing.......quite the handsome guy.

Thanks to Mary and Shelly for helping to care for the dogs of my are such a big help.......I can never say enough to properly thank you. in particular have worked your butt off cleaning stalls....I am lucky to have you.

This weekend , weather permitting, we will work on painting and some rototilling work by the fenceline to get rid of I can plant some more plants........the driveway looks really nice so far. We were given a couple of nice benches that we put by the barn and it is nice to have somewhere to sit besides hay bales.

Friday Max and Church will get their feet trimmed and Grace will be studied to see what we can do for her poor foot. Keep your fingers crossed that we can help her. I will give up a week of Starbucks to help her have less pain....maybe even the whole month.

I should be scolded........I left the tractor out. I just remembered......not like I have anything else on my mind or anything. I suppose it will not kill it for one night.

Tomorrow is my Friday and it cannot come soon enough. The week has been long and full of ups and downs......not enough time in the day.

Friday morning I will see an old friend who I have not seen in several years........I look forward to it..........I will know that big smile anywhere.

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