Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday, Mother's Day

Beautiful sunny morning.......I left early to care for my mom's dogs and it was warm enough to forego a jacket. Not a breeze to be found and it promises to be a perfect day.

I let the horses dine al fresco in the grassy parts of the paddocks......they were a little annoyed when I carried the hay past the stall and out to the pasture, but they dutifully followed and I think they were glad to be outside.

Swallows came to the barn this morning, they landed on some upper cross beams and chattered to each other, probably discussing the merits of the potential nest sites and how the nest could best be arranged. I hope they will stay. I enjoy them and the they catch bugs. I am all for natural bug control. ...which reminds me to order "fly predators"......and some fly traps. It is that time of year.........still I will take flies over rain/cold/snow/ about you?

Beaver has diarrhea this morning. ...resulting from stealing alfalfa at every opportunity...if there is a remnant to be found, he finds it. He was on top of the manure pile this morning, digging through it......he has no qualms about it.

Yesterday the eagle came and got my favorite hen Bertha......once she was grabbed, there was nothing to be done. .........the eagle took her way up into a tree and well, you know the rest of the story. I like my chickens to be free roaming but seriously, between coyotes, hawks, is just not safe. I think they will have to have a yard attached to their coop.

I took a lot of pictures of Promise yesterday and came home to find out that I had NO card in my camera. Usually the camera scolds you for NO card.....but not yesterday.

I planted mint and lavender, put a hanging basket on the barn and we got a couple of benches. We still need to build the shell around the cement washrack, fix some fencing issues.....
umm.......the issues are that two big fat geldings lean on the fence and have loosened posts and pushed non climb wire back........seriously they should be plowing a field somewhere....too much time on their hands.

Ryan is coming tomorrow to work, some Pony Up things and some work at my mom's house. He is out of school for the summer....... and almost done with school, as he will graduate next year. Mr. Engineer is what we will call him.....we are very proud of him and his his giving heart!

We have to get some fill dirt for the least a couple of dumptruck loads, we have a really low spot that needs to be evened out.........and then need concertina wire to keep those big fat geldings off the fence (kidding....just kidding)

Lots to do today as usual.....not enough time, not enough of me.......

Thank you to Mary for taking care of my mom's dogs in the morning......I appreciate it and so does she.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you and I hope you can spend time with your families and loved ones.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Wise up......things are not always what they seem.

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