Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally Friday

Yes, the cat was there. No, I wasn't able to pick it up. It ate a whole bowl of food.

Ryan is already at the farm by the time I get there and we feed the horses while we chat....we clean stalls and small paddocks ...then we start the other chores.
We regravel two paddocks and regravel under some loafing shed mats in the upper paddocks so that the floors are level. Is regravel a word or did I make that up?After the mats have set a while...they tend to get sags or dips in them and so we want to level them out. We also reinforce the walls of one loafing shed with some thicker plywood......seems like someone has a sense of humor about kicking the stall walls.......Ollie and Max?
It mists outside for a while and we are not sure if it is going to rain or just we work anyway. The temperature is in the sixties......not uncomfortable in our shirt sleeves.
We put Grace in with Silk to see if they can share a paddock.......Grace fusses for Tarbaby a while, but eventually settles down and does a mutual grooming session with Silk.....then they nap together, so we leave them alone and go about the rest of our chores.
We are very excited to say that the arena.....FINALLY will be ready to us by next week. YAY! This means we can work our own horses or even hold a clinic. The end results of the arena are that not only is the fencing was widened by almost ten feet and lengthened by four feet.

And so the day goes.....the retaining wall is finished, other small repairs are made.....posts are cemented.....water troughs are cleaned.....we are thankful for the tractor...what would we do without it?

Breeze is still in Eastern Washington at Jen's farm......gaining some weight back and having a great time in the grassy pasture. She will travel to the Jones Farm next week an then to California at the end of July to a new home with Erica.

Sully will be coming home from the Jones Farm in two weeks. We have missed him...and will be glad to have him home for the summer...although I imagine that Beaver still will hate he always did...but that is the way Beaver is.

We have made some good friends in the last year and I don't thank them publicly.....thank you to the following persons or companies who have helped us to help horses in the last year
I will only identify some folks by their first name and last initial so that privacy stays will know who you are!

Sandy M.
Hannah J.
The Berglunds
Lauren B,
Rainsong Stables
Kim and Matt
Strohs Feed
Sound Equine Veterinary
Kitsap Humane Society
Ryan B
Briann S
Sharon S
Jan S
Darlene S
Colleen and Caryn D.
Cam and Carrie R.
Mary V.
Kathleen M.
The Leitz Brothers Hay
the Mishko's
Erin (QHbudy)
Dr. Julie
Gary B.
Devon C
Dr. Mike
Beth A.
Whidbey Island Equine Rescue
Old Dog Haven
Rocky Bay Equine
West Sound Electric
Toni (my mom)
Pam and Joe
Krista D.
Jim W.
Julie T
Katy F.
Rod W
Milo D
Bethel Mitchell Chiropractic
Kitsap Lumber

All of these folks have provide time or donations.....Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do not carry a heavy heart by yourself.

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