Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Timing on Tuesday

I had "raggedy Anne sleep" last night.......tossed and turned, got up at 4am, made coffee, let dogs out.....layed down for twenty minutes to find that it turned into 45minutes and then I am late. I need to go to the post office this morning and now my time is limited. I hate to be late....I am tired......a little worn out I think. Next week I have the whole week off and I hope to take some "me" time. I have been busy running here and there......meetings and arrangements and errands.....too busy.

Sometimes I get to the barn in the morning and I don't want to leave. It is cool and quiet.......peaceful, except for the chattering of squirrels and the cawing of the flock of crows we seemed to have attracted. I love crows and I am always keen on watching them. They are so smart. The morning is cool but I am soon heated up from walking and throwing hay.....I stop to watch the crows and the very slight breeze feels good on my skin....while I have sweat dripping off my forehead....that sounds really pathetic for an athletic girl..huh?
I have opera on the CD player and I tell the boys in the barn that I will not leave it on for them all day.....so they don't have to worry.

Today my mom gets new carpeting in her house and she will be thrilled....she has been living with bare floors for ten days.

I drive to work and don't have time for Starbuck's coffee.....so I make do with my "brought from home" stuff and listen to ZZ Top sing "Legs" as I drive.

I arrive back at the farm after work to meet the hay man......we got some nice hay ...alfalfa and grass. Everyone was anxious to taste it.
Ryan was here today and groomed horses, moved some dirt with the tractor and then Shelli came and cleaned while I fed.

My mom got her carpeting and I guess our rooster attacked the carpet men.....both of them. Oh oh. I guess he just does not like men...as he has not bothered any of the women. He must have a complex.

Hens are still setting. I have let each of them have one egg. That is final.

I will try to remember pictures of Grace tomorrow......she looks pretty normal now....so very shiny and getting a little meat her belly and hips. You will be amazed.... she and Silk are both eating really well and seem happy together still.

Tarbaby has sore feet today......part of his hoof disease. We clean his feet and apply some medicine. It is very dry outside which should be good for him but this is a weird thing he has. It is incurable. However his weight is perfect, his coat is dappled.......he is handsome......as handsome as any 25 year old horse should be...and most of all he is happy.

Max has to go on a more restrictive diet.......he looks pregnant. I have cut him way back, but apparently not enough.

A little more dirt to move in the arena..........almost done...perhaps by this weekend if the weather stays mild. Notice I have not complained about the weather even once?

To the person who leaves the cryptic messages on the blog comments.......ummm......either you don't speak english, you have some obsession with symbols or you are trying to be annoying.......who knows? I don't get it...don't have time to figure it out....so really, don't bother.....I just push the reject button and go on.

9 pm and it is not dark yet......I am waiting to go and put my chickens to bed...but they will not be totally in bed until it is dark, and so I wait.
I have some laundry to do, dogs to let out/let back in.....notes to make........a to do list for tomorrow......

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Cowardly acts do not become you.

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