Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rainy day again Saturday rained on and off again all day today. I am trying not
Briann came and helped me with morning chores and then hung out with me all day to run errands...she is so much fun and so much help too. I told her mom that I wanted to adopt her, but they say she is not available.......hmmm.

I dewormed Grace yesterday and knock on wood, all is well with her tummy. I was slightly expecting her be colicky for some reason, but I was wrong....I will deworm her again tomorrow. She is still eating like TWO houses on fire...I swear. Briann was amazed by how much better she looks in just a week. Sleek and shiny.....gaining muscle....I bet she was a brick house when she was younger.

We put in some railroad ties for the arena retaining wall today.......little Briann and I. She will for sure be tired tonight. We also went to the feed store, bought grain, beet pulp, sunflower seeds and senior equine, loaded it all into the back seat of the truck because, well, as I said, it was RAINING. We put down the railroad ties and Max and Ollie immediately chewed on must have tasted gross. Tomorrow I will move dirt around in the arena and place it up against the railroad ties.

When I was taking Briann home, we found two dogs in the middle of the road......and so we looked for their homes for two hours....door to door.....left notes and made up signs. I finally brought the dogs home to my house after I dropped Briann off......put up a few more signs. Happy to say that at 10PM of the dogs was claimed...the other is sleeping in my garage on a Costco dog bed.

Tonight I will post pictures of Breeze a few days after she got to her semi adoptive home in Eastern washington back in April. Breeze went to be rehabbed for a leg injury and to possibly be an event horse for the rehabber.....Things have not worked out and Breeze is coming back to Pony UP this after she arrives. Breeze's leg is healed and we will have her started under saddle next month at the Jones Farm.

I am hoping for good weather tomorrow to finish off some chores but will probably work on them anyway.....some chores cannot wait.
Ryan comes home from vacation this week..we have missed him and will be glad to have him back with us...we hope he had a great time in the least we know he had some sun.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do not believe what your own eyes can't tell you.

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